Need Programmer for Porting of DOS drivers to SCO Unix

Need Programmer for Porting of DOS drivers to SCO Unix

Post by Stephen Buechle » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00


We are currently seeking a consultant that would be interested
in porting a DOS driver with an existing C library to the Unix
environment.  This driver is for a high performance, DSP-based
multi-channel PCI adapter that is currently designed to support
a wide variety of communications applications under DOS and
Windows NT environments.  We feel Unix is very important for
this product and want to get an SCO Unix driver written ASAP.

The product is called the Chameleon and it provides 48/60
channel processors on a single PCI card, which requires less
than 25 watts of total power.  The on-board H-MVIP/SCSA
interfaces provide communications with a broad range of
telephony products, such as PRI cards, etc. It supports V.34+
and is software upgradeable to 56K standards.  Each DSP is
configured on-the-fly by an on-board Intel i-960 processor,
to whatever is required by an incoming call.  If ISDN is
required, then a DSP is configured to accept an ISDN call.
If an analog call comes in, a DSP is configured to accept
that type of call.  The above mentioned "channels" can provide
60 simultaneous modems calls, 60 ISDN calls, or a mix of both,
depending on what is required at that moment.  The density of
this product allows for multiple cards to be placed in a
simple Windows NT server, requiring far less space than
existing rack mounted modem solutions.

If you are interested in porting our existing DOS driver to

or (510) 656-2606, ext. 21.  The drivers we need are SCO Unix
drivers. We need an estimate on the time it will take to
complete the porting and estimated costs.  If your are interested
in the seeing what the hardware looks like and getting
some detailed data-sheet information, please check our website at
"".  You can look at "Server Products"
and view either the On-line HTML datasheet for the Chameleon
or download a PDF version of it.


Stephen Buechler
Phylon Communications


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