Has anyone done a termios interface for BSD?

Has anyone done a termios interface for BSD?

Post by DaviD W. Sanders » Sat, 08 Jun 1991 04:46:29

Has anyone posted a termios interface for 4.3BSD?  I thought I'd ask
before doing one myself.  The termios.c and termios.h in the
4.3BSD-reno distribution are helpful but assume the kernel has termios
support.  I'll be doing a termios interface for termio systems, too.
This will hopefully ease porting BSD programs to SysV and vice versa,
reducing #ifdefs all around.
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1. TERMIO/TERMIOS reliability on BSD-like systems.

        I am working on extensions to the trn newsreader, and found an
interesting configuration assumption.  Trn looks for (and uses) termio
or termios functionality before trying to use sgtty.h.  That is,
*unless* the system is a BSD type, in which case sgtty.h is looked for
first.  In trn 2.4, BSD-type means a Sun, ULTRIX, or Pyramid(?) system.
In trn 3.0 (still in testing), sgtty is looked for first for any
BSD-like system (that the new Configure knows about).

        My problem is that I would like to use the VMIN and VTIME
variables specified in the termio/termios behavior.  (I use them to
wait a short time for input before doing background processing, which
makes the program much more responsive to user input.)

        I contacted the author of trn, and he said sgtty was used
first because of concerns that the termio(s) handling on BSD systems
didn't always work properly, although he didn't know specifics.  I
found that both termio and termios worked properly on my (ULTRIX 4.2)
system, and I'm wondering if other systems still have problems.

        In other words: is it safe to rely on termio/termios with
BSD-like systems?  Since trn is used on a wide variety of systems I
want to be very safe.  Were there problems with termio/termios, and if
so, are there many installations out there with these problems?
(If, for instance, SunOs 3.x.y was still used by many people and it
had a problem, I'd like to know.)


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