Using XENVIRONMENT on Solaris to specify an Icon

Using XENVIRONMENT on Solaris to specify an Icon

Post by Per Bendse » Wed, 26 Nov 1997 04:00:00


I have now trough some time tried to specify an icon for my application
using the XENVIROMENT setting to point to a resource file in which a have a

myapp.IconPixmap: an_icon

When I run the program using OLVWM it works and everything looks fine.  But
when I test it using OLWM I get an error message in the console saying:

olwm: Warning: An invalid pixmap was named as an icon pixmap

After looking in all my manuals and trying everything I can think of I still
have the problem.  Does anyone have a solution, hint, or idea?



1. specifying program icons using lg / caldera

Hi To all.

I have had enormous difficulty in specifying
an icon with a particular program using calderas
network desktop/ lg environment. Just how to do this?
I have imported the icon into both the system and personal
icon galleries, I have named it as PROGRAMNAME_PRG, and
still it appears using the generic hand holding blue
square icon. Really the documentation on doing this simple
task is absolute crap. It is as clear as mud. I have been
at this problem on and off for over 6 months now, and finally
I am just so pissed that I will ask for outside help.
Any gurus out there figured it?

Thanks in advance for your time,
Leon Harris

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