Sending mail from UNIX using Exchange server

Sending mail from UNIX using Exchange server

Post by Sunde » Fri, 06 Jul 2001 23:40:17


    I have a script in unix that sends mails using the following command

Is it possible to specify an exchange server name, user account and
password ( for the exchange server) while sending the mail.

I need this because the mail command fails if the mailid is an internet
address. To be able to send mails to internet addresses the sender
should be a valid exchange user.

Thanks for your help.


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I'm having a problem getting sendmail mail to pass through our
Exchange gateway.   The message is originating on an intranet HP-UX

Exchange is rejecting the message from passing through to the internet with

I have a makeshift DNS server setup and the DNS has both a forward
and reverse DNS entry so I'm not sure why it isn't working?

Also I'm specifying the domain in the of the machine.

Our domain doesn't have a MX entry could that be the problem?
Any ideas are very much appreciated.



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