Programmer needed to develop TCP/IP based application

Programmer needed to develop TCP/IP based application

Post by Brad S. Kon » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

We are looking for a programmer to develop a simple TCP/IP based
application that would allow for secure file transfers over the
Internet. Ideally, this person would be capable of working on Unix,
Windows, and Macintosh platforms, but we will consider other
alternatives. Please send your resume and whatever other info you can

Brad S. Konia

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1. UNIX TCP/IP and sockets programmer needed!

Hello.  I am in the dire need of a TCP/IP programmer for the SunOS
operating system.  This will be a simple application that will act as a
server for Windows, Mac and Unix machines that request files in the
background as needed.  It would be a BIG plus if you can also program the
Windows and/or Mac side (or at least have a clue on how!).  This SHOULD be
a quick job, but other development work will be needed in the near future.

If interested, please reply via e-mail.

P.S.  Please leave you voice telephone number in the message.  Thanks.

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