reexecuting a killed program

reexecuting a killed program

Post by William Sherman -Visualizati » Sat, 08 Dec 1990 00:31:03

I have two similar questions reguarding the reexecution of a program
whose state has been saved (core file or otherwise).  The reexecution
should start where the program left off, with all the variables and
memory intact.

Question 1:  Can (and how) one send a signal to a program causing
        a core dump that can later be run by rejoining the core with
        the executable (either through dbx or some other program).
        Are there any restrictions as to what a program can be in
        the process of doing when signaled?  I've tried sending
        a quit (signal 3), which produces a core dump, but dbx won't
        let me do a continue.

Question 2:  This one I know can be done, because Kyoto Common Lisp
        does it.  But after looking at the source, I wasn't able to
        decipher what was going on.  What I want is for a program
        to save itself, such that it creates an executable file which
        when run is basically in the same state as when saved.  KCL
        does this so that all the user data structures (and therefore
        functions) are exactly as they were.  In fact, the basic KCL
        executable has already had this done once.  So, to restate
        the problem: how does a program save itself into a file that
        simply needs to be executed for the user to be right back
        where he/she was when the program was saved.  (Note, actually
        terminating the program at this point is optional.)

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reexecuting a killed program

Post by Heiko Blu » Sun, 09 Dec 1990 05:00:16

Quote:>I have two similar questions reguarding the reexecution of a program
>whose state has been saved (core file or otherwise).  The reexecution
>should start where the program left off, with all the variables and
>memory intact.

if you have the *unstripped* executable and the core file you
can use 'undump new.binary a.out.file core.file'. there is
a undump in the TeX distribution.

however i think you'll have trouble with programs using
curses etc, haven't tried, though.

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