Link terminal in ansi.sys mode gives blank screen

Link terminal in ansi.sys mode gives blank screen

Post by Richard S. Shufor » Fri, 05 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>> Why is it called ansi.sys and not just ansi? Do I need to
>> download something to the terminal?

>My guess is that the ansi.sys entry is tailored more for MSDOS computers
>which have ANSI.SYS loaded in their CONFIG.SYS configuration file.
>The scoansi entry might be a bit closer to what you're after. Then again,
>it might not be. I'm still a bit of a newbie to SCO UNIX.

You don't say which model of Link terminal you are using.  The MC-5
does not have any "ANSI.SYS" emulation setting.

Yes, ANSI.SYS is a console device driver in MS-DOS.  It obeys a small
set of control sequences, some of which come from the ANSI X3.64
standard and some of which Microsoft made up.

In some releases of MS-DOS, there is a bug so that the "erase from
cursor to end of line" function must be invoked by sending ESC [ k
(lowercase) instead of using the uppercase K, which the X3.64 standard
specifies.  Other releases of MS-DOS got it right.  I don't remember
which ones.

Among the archived terminal information at

there is a link from the "general info" page, called "commentary on
ANSI terminal controls" or something like that, which shows some
discussion of this matter.

Other links may lead you to advice on setting up terminfo/termcap
in a way more compatible with your terminal.

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