Help with Zmodem

Help with Zmodem

Post by Christopher Leu » Sun, 20 Dec 1992 02:56:31

        I don't read this newsgroup but I have a problem regarding Zmodem.
Our system is using a 7-bit even parity to transfer files.  We have gotten
Kermit to work on the system however we cannot get Zmodem to work because of
the 7-bit even partiy problem.  Z-modem tends to work under 8-bit no parity
environments.  If anyone has a solution to this problem could you please
e-mail me the answer and help me out?  We are currently using BSD in the UNIX
system.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

        Please e-mail any fixes, changes and advice to the address listed
below.  Thanks.




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   Does anybody know where I can find extra manual pages or some
documentation for using zmodem, on aix,vms,solaris?
   And can anybody help me with some clues about zmodem ?
   I have it installed on VMS but I haven't understood the man
   Thank you very much.


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