Techniques for debugging executables?

Techniques for debugging executables?

Post by Tyson Richard DO » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for information on how to debug a UNIX process from another

We wish to stop a child process at a specified point, extract the values of
its registers, stack and data area, modify its registers, stack and data
area, and then continue execution.

We also want to be able to start executing code from somewhere within the
executable, supplying register values in advance.

This sounds quite similar to what a lot of de*s must already do.

What techniques can be used to implement this under UNIX? We want to be
fairly portable. Platforms we want to support include Linux (1.2.13+),
Solaris 2.3 (and 2.5 or SunOS 5.3, 5.5), IRIX 5.2 (5.3) (maybe), and
Digital Unix (OSF/1) 3.2.

We're considering using the GNU BFD library -- will this help?

If it makes and difference, the context we will be using it in is to build
a hybrid abstract machine, that executes 'executable code' for some parts of
the program, and uses a bytecode interpreter for other parts of the code.

Email, opionions, pointers, and news-postings are all welcome.


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       Tyson Dowd           #          Another great idea from the
                            #            people who brought you #            Confidence --- Red Dwarf


1. Multi-threaded debugging techniques under Solaris 2.2


        I've started delving deep into the mysterious of Solaris
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the threads library is used).  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
workarounds until this problem is resolved?  Moreover, will 2.3 have
better support for threads?


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