Key in Unix

Key in Unix

Post by The kid of s » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi !
I have got a problem.
I dont know how to set a key active.
This means that when I press the key 'P' for example, then some function is operated ?

Can any one help me please ?

Sun :>

Wish every day is sunny day.


1. Konsole and <ins> <del> keys

OK, KDE 3.0.5 is great. Konsole is great. takes a little more mem than
xterm etc, but it sure is nicer.. *BUT* :
why are my DEL and INS keys not working in Konsole????
They DO work in X, gvim, mozilla, etc, so it's not .Xmodmap or whatever.
What's doing something to Konsole? And better still: where can I fix this

My DEL/INS keys work fine running konsole+vim, but not in the main
konsole. No big deal, but just curious..

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