AT&T assembler syntax ?

AT&T assembler syntax ?

Post by Ulrik H|rlyk Hjo » Fri, 17 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Anyone who can tell me where to find documentation of the AT&T assembler syntax?

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1. inline assembler error - porting Intel syntax to AT&T syntax

// Intel syntax
void x( int *p ) {
  int example;
  __asm {
    mov esi, p
    mov  [ esi ], ebx
    mov [example], eax

I'm porting the code to GCC, but got error

I couldn't access the data which *p points to, and got error like this:
    - error, undefined reference to `p'
I couldn't access varible example, and got error like this:
    - error, undefined  reference to `example'

and no error if it is a global varible

Can someone help me?

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