Multiple inetd's?

Multiple inetd's?

Post by Mike Garzio » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 03:43:40

We have a SYSVr4-based host which, every so often,  ends up having
several inetd's running.  All the duplicates are ultimately parented
by the inetd that has init as its own parent.  This leads me to believe
that inetd has a problem exec'ing one of the user-defined services
after it forks.  Can anybody give me any clues to what the actual problem
might be, or what this may be a symptom of?

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1. multiple ip's - multiple inetd's?

Solaris supports multiple ip addresses for the same interface.  The
only software that I am aware of that uses this is the CERN httpd.
It allows you to set up more that one web server on the same physical

I can se how it would be very useful to have an inetd process for each
ip address.  Each could have it's own configuration and its own set of
daemons that could be started.  This may be even more useful on a dual
hosted machine that is a gateway between two networks.

Does anybody know if this is supported (or how to hack it if it isn't)?


- Doug Chapman
- Sanders: A Lockheed Martin Company
- Hudson NH

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