3-Tier Client/Server Secrets

3-Tier Client/Server Secrets

Post by Steve O'Kee » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Jeri Edwards, co-author of the highly-acclaimed "Client/ Server Survival
Guide," has a new book out containing eight in-depth case histories of
companies building 3-tier client/server applications. The book is called
"3-Tier Client/Server at Work" (John Wiley & Sons), and I have permission
to distribute an excerpt which summarizes the top ten lessons Edwards
learned from studying these companies.

Three-tier client/server applications are quickly replacing the older
2-tier model. The number and size of these applications is growing
exponentially with the increasing desire of companies to tap into the
Internet. Yet many firms treat their 3-tier strategies like trade secrets,
making it difficult to get good design advice.

"3-Tier Client/Server at Work" provides an inside look at some of the
largest applications ever developed, including Wells Fargo's CORBA suite
(900,000 end-user transactions per day) and the U.K. Employment Service's
labour management system (6.8 million transactions per day). Also covered
are 3-tier developments at 3M Healthcare, AT&T, MCI, PeopleSoft, EUCARIS,
and Apple Computer.

If you like the distilled version of Edwards' book, you might want to get
the case histories to see how she arrived at her "Ten Commandments of

the subject line, "Send 3-Tier" and I'll reply with the file. Thanks.