SVR4 pfmt() implementation anywhere?

SVR4 pfmt() implementation anywhere?

Post by Chris Sze » Sat, 17 Jul 1993 05:26:35

According to the SVID3 documentation, the fmtmsg() formatting routine
will be replace by pfmt().  However, I can't find a SVR4 system that
has pfmt() on it.  Does anyone out there know of any SVR4 implementation
that has implemented this new routine?



1. Is there a SVR4-like "sar" program anywhere?

I'm trying to locate a SVR4-like "sar" program for linux. This accounting
program shows you 20 minute buckets of the system accounting - that is, you
get to see what percent of the machine was idle, in the system, or executing
user programs.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I don't monitor this group daily,

David Hoerl

** this is a personal account, so I can say what I want! **

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