GNU Indent 1.9 released

GNU Indent 1.9 released

Post by Joseph Arcenea » Mon, 31 Jan 1994 13:09:05

GNU indent 1.9 is now available on [] in the
file /pub/gnu/indent-1.9.tar.gz

Note that this file requires the `gzip' utility, or a recent version
of GNU `tar', to unpack.

GNU indent changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or
deleting whitespace according to a great variety of options.  Several
canned styles of formatting are supported as well.  GNU indent is a
descendant of BSD indent.

Version 1.9 fixes all reported bugs and adds a minor new option.
See the included file `NEWS' for further details.

(not to the newsgroup gnu.utils.bug).  Please read the included file
`README' for information on sending bug reports.

[ Most GNU software is packed using the new `gzip' compression program.
  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.

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