Beta Central - Beta Testers Resource

Beta Central - Beta Testers Resource

Post by Mark A. Lo » Mon, 08 Apr 1996 05:00:00

Announcing Beta Cetral - the Beta Testing Page

Beta Central is a resource for those interested in beta
testing software and online services. The site will
provide a listing of current beta tests in progress for
Windows, Macintosh and UNIX software or online services.

Individuals interested in testing software can browse through
different categories and then click on a link to the testing
companies web site.

Companies interested in announcing beta tests for their
software or services may submit information directly to
the Beta Central site.

Currently, the number of Macintosh and UNIX beta tests is
very limited so those areas of Beta Central will be
temporarily closed while we gather more submissions
(Mac and UNIX developers - please offer any submissions
when you visit our site.)

Beta Central is, of course, a free service and can accessed
by directing your web browser to:

We hope you will stop by and visit!

Mark A. Long
Beta Central


1. Beta site: Beta testers needed!

We need beta testers to visit this site:

We have a list of over 160 active beta tests, a free newsletter (which you

"SUBSCRIBE BETANET" in the message, or by visiting the site), a beta
newsgroup listing, searching capabilities, and more!  We won the Platinum
Top 100 Sites of 1996 Award, too!

Tim Cassedy-Blum
Webmaster, BetaNet

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