CPIO problems

CPIO problems

Post by Sally Woolric » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> I have date backup from UNIX sys V to tape using commands

>        find / -print | cpio -oucvdB > /dev/rmt0   (SVR 4)
>    or
>        find / -print | cpio -oucvdB > /dev/ctape  (on UNIXWARE 2.0)

> I am trying to restore the tape on SUN OS 4.1.3 using command            

>        cpio -itB < /dev/rst0 or (/dev/rst8)   Check for the contents of tape.
>        cpio -it  < /dev/rst0 or (/dev/rst8)

> Both commands give me the error:  
>        cpio : this is not a cpio file: bad  magic number.

Try using the '-Hodc' in the backup command.  'man cpio' will
explain it.

If this fails read a tape made with '-Hodc' using 'dd' and check to
see what type of file the Sun thinks you have fed it!

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I have come across a strange problem. The cpio utility is used to
archive data to tapes. This usually worked well until recently. Now,
every time the process starts writing to the third tape I get an error
'cpio: cannot open "/dev/rmt/0cn", errno 16, device busy'. Please note
that there are files with sizes greater than 8 GB to be archived. I have
been told that the '-H odc' option would overcome the limitation of cpio
with files greater than 8 GB. I also have been told that the '-c' & '-H
odc' options are mutually exclusive and should not be used together. I
notice however that I get no error even though that may be so. Any
comment on this?

The command used is shown below.

cat ${BKUPF} | cpio -ocvB -H odc -O ${BKDEV} -M "Insert Tape %d and

The variable ${BKUPF} expands to a fully qualified filename containing
list of files to be backed up.  And ${BKDEV} expands to /dev/rmt/0cn.


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