Compiling software for multiple platforms

Compiling software for multiple platforms

Post by Derek Pressna » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 05:55:11

I've recently been developing some Unix applications that I believe have
a marketable value, but I only have access to an AIX machine (and
Linux).  I was wondering if there are any services on the Net that
provide access to other Unix machines for software development?  It
would seem to me that Unix vendors would have machines set up on the
net for this purpose, but I haven't found any yet.  Also, which
platforms should I compile my software for?  I would like to cover at
least 75-80% of the market.  Would that only comprise about a half
dozen machines or so?

1. Software maintenance via multiple platforms

Pardon the interruption.  A while ago, I posted an article requesting info
about how to manage software distributions across multiple platforms.  Someone
sent me a message recommending that I look into some papers he wrote, and
I'll be damned... I accidentally erased the message (I know...).  Could that
person please email me again, please?

Thank you...

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