+ cc help.cpp=.cxx + What does it mean ?

+ cc help.cpp=.cxx + What does it mean ?

Post by Bart Hendri » Thu, 19 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi Unix programmers,

It is the first time on this place in  the net, I have got a question on the
of some files created by a makefile. I do not understand why the cc command is
is such a way:

cc help.cpp=.cxx

I would appreciate any help or suggestion, by the way the real
 command does this:

  -I/import/c++views/include  -I/opt/SUNWmotif/include
 -I/usr/openwin/include GenApp.cpp=.cxx



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1. Finding .c, .cc, .cpp, .cxx and uppercase variants in one go with "find" ?

Hi all

Sorry for the trivial question but I have been unable to
solve this silly issue.

We have a project with C/C++ source codes from many
sources. These have the extensions c, cc, cpp, cxx, C, CC,

I want to find all these with a simple oneliner with find.

I have tried find . -type f -name "*.[cC]+[cCpPxX]*" where
I have tried - using "+" - to tell find in a regexp way
that this must have at least one occurrence and that the
other options may or may not occur.

First this doesnt work (with gnu find 4.1.7): No files
are found at all. Leaving out the "+" gives cpp, cxx etc, but
not .C and .c

Second even if it worked it would also match the hypothetical
files with extensions .Cpp, .cXp which are probably not present -
but still it's ugly.

Any good one-liners out there og just a good reference to
a tutorial using regexp with find?



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