problems loading program into dbx and gdb

problems loading program into dbx and gdb

Post by Ken Swa » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 12:59:42

I moved an application from a Sun OS 4.1.0 SPARCstation 1+
to an LX running the special release of Sun OS 4.1.3 for LXs.
I relinked it and it ran fine.

I made some changes that involved using IXI's Motif libraries,
recompiled the program, and the program won't load into either
dbx or gdb.  When the program runs, I get a core dump, no biggie.
But when I try to examine the core, I get an error about 'etext',
(I don't have the exact text for that).
When I 'dbx myprog', I get the following lines:
  Reading symbolic information
  Read 23315 symbols
  rtld doesn't place the break point right (try -Bstatic)

Everything is built with -g, and I stuck -Bstatic in front of
my library list.  When I 'gdb myprog', I get more generic failure
messages, but at least the source is visible, positioned at main().
I can examine a variety of variables, and they all have space
assigned to them.  But the program is not runnable; it mentions
that that process is no longer running.

In neither de* can I get past loading the symbols, it seems,
though gdb seems to show that my variables have been defined, and
it is all but ready to execute main().
Does anybody have suggestions?  Sun has been unable to even explain
why the 'rtld' message appears.

Email is preferred, but I *will* check News eventually...

Ken Swapp


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