C++ book for C programmers

C++ book for C programmers

Post by Stephen Bayne » Wed, 01 Aug 2001 20:57:01

> I am pretty fluent in C, and want to learn C++. I want a good book, but I
> want something that assumes I know C already. Any suggestions?

> Thanks,
> Moshe

Take a look at the reviews on http://www.accu.org/


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1. C++ book for C programmers

there are AFAIK not many book which assume already C knowledge.
The reason is simple. C++ is an entirely different beast.
So, most C++ gurus recommend to forget your C habits and
learn C++ as you would learn a new language.
(for example. in C++ there is no need for
 - malloc, free
 - void *
 - char * (at least most of the time)

some of the best books out there are

Thinking in C++ from Bruce Eckel
(also available online: www.bruceeckel.com)

C++ Primer from Stanley Lippman

The C++ Programming Language from Bjarne Stroustrup

go to

there you will find many book reviews from experienced C++

hope I was helpful


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