How to graph a histogram using unix?

How to graph a histogram using unix?

Post by Zaki Muham » Mon, 01 Feb 1993 04:15:52


  I want to get a threshold of an image by making a histogram using
Unix system.  Does anybody know which function to call? Is it the same
as in Turbo C++?  Which function in PM library do
I have to use? Can someone help me?  Thanks.

Zaki Muhamad,
School of Engineering and Applied Science,
University of Pennsylvania.


1. Histogram Tools for Unix?

I am looking for information on performance analysis tools similar to prof.
What I would like is a tool that does not need a specially instrumented
executable image (ie. no recompiling).  It should be able to gather histogram
data from all processes, both user and kernel, on a system.

Anyone know of such a tool?

Any information is greatly appreciated.


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