Configuration Management Tools

Configuration Management Tools

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We're looking for configuration management tools that are preferable public domain or very in-expensive and run
on a UNIX machine.  We're  interested in controlling the source code for a variety of different languages.
We're also interested in procedures that have been used in conjuction with the Software Code Control System (SCCS)
available on Unix Machines would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


1. Configuration Management Tools?

What tools and support does Sun currently provide in terms of software
configuration management?  I have used several CM tools in the past
(i.e., RCS, SCCS, etc.) and am wondering what the current status of
CM tools are for UNIX based platforms (especially workstation level).

Does anyone have experience with any window based systems, such as
TeamWare (SunPro)?

Are the tools part of the OS, or at what cost?

The initial project requirement is to manage the development of a small
project of 100k-200K lines of code with 6-10 developers.  However, it is
anticipated that CM will be used for a variety of projects.

Any information would be apprecicated.

Thanks in advance.


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