Stevens code on HPUX a1.1 OS HPUX10.20

Stevens code on HPUX a1.1 OS HPUX10.20

Post by Aditya Pand » Fri, 10 May 2002 17:34:55

Hi all
Has anyone tried porting the code of W. Richard Stevens book

Unix Network Programming Volume 1 Edition 2 code on a HP UX 10.20

I have been able to compile using gcc by changing the
Make.Defines files line as follows:

CFLAGS: CC -g -Wall -nostdinc -I/usr/include -_HP_UX_SOURCE

The README at Stevens home page says that defining HP_UX_SOURCE would
How to do that.

I had run the configure script. And there were still errors. So i did
this modification and now no errors r coming.

But the linking says unresolved symbols.

Please Help With
1. Alternate approach
2. Advices
3. Improving on this approach


Stevens code on HPUX a1.1 OS HPUX10.20

Post by Carl E Davidso » Fri, 10 May 2002 18:19:38

Quote:> Make.Defines files line as follows:

> CFLAGS: CC -g -Wall -nostdinc -I/usr/include -_HP_UX_SOURCE

It should be -D_HPUX_SOURCE -------------------------+

There may be other problems as well, but this is definitely wrong.


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