how to convert mac address to ip address

how to convert mac address to ip address

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how to convert mac address to ip address

Post by Philip Paep » Wed, 28 Nov 2001 16:43:23

> thanks

There's no direct relationship between the two ... A MAC address is the
hardware address of the network interface.  Unless your company has a policy
of somehow relating those to the IP addresses, I'm afraid there's not much you
can do.

Of course, if you can get at the MAC addresses, it shouldn't be too difficult
to get at the IP addresses too ... just try another library function :-)

 - Philip


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1. WANTED: pingmac <IP ADDR> which returns <MAC ADDRESS of IP ADDRESS>


I know this can be done by way of ping/arp at the solaris command line
or via a script, OR via system() calls.  Does anyone know of someone's
efforts to whip this up in an actual executable?  The goal of the
program is to work like this:

PINGMAC (dilbert): MAC ADDRESS of dilbert is:

I know there are practical limitations like: MUST BE ON SAME SUBNET
and stuff like this.  BUT does anyone know of a pgm like this, or
might be able to point me somewhere that might?



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