[Fwd: What happened to 'poll' on a S800 ??]

[Fwd: What happened to 'poll' on a S800 ??]

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Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 16:29:42 +0200
Local: Mon, Sep 16 1996 10:29 am
Subject: What happened to 'poll' on a S800 ??
I have a program that runs fine on a 712 workstation, but gets the
following error on a G70 server with HP-UX 9.04:
/lib/dld.sl: Unresolved symbol: poll (code)

This function is present in the /lib/libc.sl and libc.a on the
workstation but not anymore on the server.  I just installed the latest
libc patch from the HP support site.

A 'what /lib/libc.a' gives the following output:

        PATCH/9_0 PHCO_7748 $Revision: $
         9.X nsswitch patch Rev B
         PATCH_9.X svc.c

When I run 'strings * | grep poll' in /usr/lib or /lib nothing is
returned.  Has this function been replaced?
Can anyone help out here, please,

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