Help file thing?

Help file thing?

Post by Philip Macdona » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 00:04:43

        Hi Folks,

        I'm writing a datebase program and am looking for a way
        to set up a process to run in the "background" while
        the program does other things. I am looking for the
        best way to achieve this. Is fork the way to go??
        If someone could post an example of how to do this
        I would be most greatful. Or mail me info on this.
        system is Ultrix btw.

                Happy Holidays or Happy First Day O' winter :)


1. file.html and file.html/ give same thing

Hey all, got a question.

this is weird.
if you request a URL such as you actually
get the file

now way is that ?

Why don't servers just give error 404, Not Found, for the first URL, since
that URL is asking for the default file in a directory called file.html or the
listing of it, in case there's no default file there ?
It's not asking for the file file.html but for the directory, so why do I get
a file ?

I'm confused by this....

Thanks in advance,

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