How to get input from a file to come from output of a process?

How to get input from a file to come from output of a process?

Post by Joel M. Hoffm » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 11:09:22

Is this possible:  I'd like any process that opens a certain file for
reading to get the output of another process.  For example, any
process opening ~/.plan would get the output of " rwho | grep `whoami` ".
That is, the command " cat < foo " should be linked somehow to
"bar | cat" for any foo and bar that I choose.

Is there a general solution to this problem?



How to get input from a file to come from output of a process?

Post by Jonathan I. Kame » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 23:48:13

If your system supports FIFOs, then you can create a FIFO, have a
program open it and write to it, and then have other programs open it
to read from it.

See the man page(s) for mknod to find out if FIFOs are supported on
your system.

There are several examples of this in the alt.sources archives.
Search in the index for the words "plan" or "FIFO" in order to find


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