i386 UNIX 'as' Assembler syntax

i386 UNIX 'as' Assembler syntax

Post by Admira » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 03:57:25


I was wondering if anyone could provide a pointer to reference material
on how to write code for the i386 UNIX assembler. I have SCO Unix 'as'
and 'gas' (2.1.1 but am in the process of 2.2 upgrading).

The idea is to be able to write a back end for the compiler my class
"Compilers & Interpreters" has been writing. We currently have a MIPS
back end, but seeing as I don't know of a single MIPS machine here at
Yale, it is rather silly.

Pointers to the same material for SunOS 4.1.x 'as' and 'gas' would
also be appreciated; maybe I'll get enough info on one of the two
subjects to be able to write one of the backends.


Doug Fields, PP-ASEL, IA-Student, N1NJN
Yale University,  (203) 436-2966  voice


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