DLPI program on DEC system

DLPI program on DEC system

Post by Shin myong suc » Wed, 17 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'd like to make a packet filtering program on DEC system.
I made a test program with DLPI.
But it didn't work. There was bind error.
I made a same program on Solaris system. It was fine.
Could you tell me how I can make a dlpi progrma on DEC system or where I
can find some informations about DEC' dlpi programming.
Please help me.


1. DLPI program on DEC system

Hi there.
I wrote a DLPI program on DEC system.
But there was a problem. When I requested promiscuous mode there was a
I couldn't write a program any more. Fixing this problem was beyond my
I found that this error means "Primitive is known but not supported by
the DLS provider".
I wonder that this meaning is that I can't request promiscuous mode any
more or I can request promiscuous mode after changing some parameters in
I need your help. Please Tell me how can I fix this problem.Thanks in

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