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        Anybody can tell me what is a Mt-safe function?
        Is there a list of MT-Safe function?

        Thanks in advance.
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1. Difference Between 'Safe' And 'MT-Safe' ML-Level

MT-Level: Libraries are classified into four categories which define their
ability to support multiple threads. Manual pages containing routines that
are of multiple or differing levels show this within their NOTES or USAGE
( See attributes(5) )

I do not understand the difference between Safe and MT-Safe.

Safe: ...Often overlooked is the fact that the result of this Safe interface
or safe code segment can have global consequences that affect all threads.

MT-Safe: Note that a library can be safe to use, but not MT-Safe. For
example, surrounding an entire library with a monitor makes the library
Safe, but it supports no concurrency so it is not considered MT-Safe. An
MT-Safe library must permit a reasonable amount of concurrency. (This
definition's purpose is to give precision to what is meant when a library is
described as Safe. The definition of a Safe library does not specify if the
library supports concurrency. The MT-Safe definition makes it clear that the
library is Safe, and supports some concurrency. This clarifies the Safe
definition, which can mean anything from being single threaded to being any
degree of multithreaded.)

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