curses interface q

curses interface q

Post by Daniel Kimbe » Mon, 23 Dec 1991 06:40:24

i'm working on a text-based interface using curses, and i recently
decided to add keypad support.  unfortunately, while turning the keypad
on works fine for 24x80 windows (consistent with the termcap), it causes
lots of strange behavior when i stty it to anything larger (but not
smaller), most notably that getch() treats some non-escape characters as
though they were potential multiple-character codes, waiting for the
second keystroke, and that some characters simply return the wrong
values (probably the cause of the first problem).  i'm not sure exactly
what i have to do to get it to work regardless of the terminal size --
the LINES and COLS variables are set correctly, and i haven't had any
luck figuring out what else to try.  it seems like something's getting
trashed, but i don't have any good ideas what it might be.  any
suggestions appreciated, by email please.


ps  apologies if this is an inappropriate place to post.  i looked for a
while and it seemed like the right place.


1. curses curses curses

Last year I developed a curses based program on my SUN IPC (Sunos 4.1.2).
Sunos 4.1.2 has a SysV version of curses, that is the version I used.
I recently tried to compile my program with the new SUN C compiler
(version 2.0.1 I think).  The curses routines that come with this compiler
are BSD routines.  BSD curses and SysV curses do not seem to be compatible.
The compilation crashed (unrecognized symbols being a glaring problem).
I logged into a Solaris 2.1 based SUN that also had the new Sun C compiler
installed, and it too had BSD curses.

I would like to know why Sun chose BSD curses for their C compiler.  I
thought they would surely use SysV curses for Solaris 2.x, since it is
SysV based (or does SVR4 use BSD curses by default?).

Is the source for SysV curses available via anon ftp?

Thanks for any help you can send.


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