Help : who ? - ortolo5.txt [1/1]

Help : who ? - ortolo5.txt [1/1]

Post by Jean ORTO » Mon, 14 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi all

  I was advised that the remote host name which is indicated by
the 'who am i' command, might either be absent or get truncated
( on some unices ). My questions are :

        In the case the remote host name get truncated, does it
get truncated from its beginning, or before its end ?

        Either for alphanumeric or X-Windows shell,
which is the amount of chars being left, for the remote host name ?

  At the end, my last question is :

        Is it eventually possible that this remote host name might
be the IP address of the host ? How to avoid this ?



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defined. A few basic things like "blue" and "red" are there, but my all-time
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Does anybody know of a Xcms.txt that is backward-compatible with rgb.txt?

Paul Stravers
Philips Research.           Zap the Web at

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