Accented characters

Accented characters

Post by Stefan Lech » Sat, 25 Jan 1997 04:00:00


Can anybody help me or give me more information concerning the use of
accented characters ?

In the application I'm building I want to read language dependent files
as a starting point to build menus.

Thanks in advance.
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1. How to Type European Accent Characters in X


As the subject says, I'm trying to type European accent characters in
X (specifically, the Gnome environment) on a standard US keyboard from
ISO-8859-1/Latin 1 character set. From the Linux console I can do this

LEFT-ALT + character code

Is there a similar key sequence for X? Or some way to map Left ALT to
that function? I've read some scanty references to a "Compose" key
which is suggestive of what I'm after but have found no hard
I also tried putting this into my XF86Config file:

LeftAlt    Compose

to no effect.




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