Source control in a partially controlled environment -HELP!!!!

Source control in a partially controlled environment -HELP!!!!

Post by Daniel D'errico x751 » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Howdy All!

What I am hoping for is some helpful advice in dealing with a situation of odd
yet seemingly sensible stuff.

The Sitch:
We are a software Development group  writing  code to run on top of a products'
operating system which happens to be a variety of UNIX.  The OS is not pure -
Its been hacked to an extent by the folks
working on their stuff  upstream of us.  We have no source control in this and
I do not think we really should.

As this thing is a variety of UNIX, it does have a number of files like
rc.stop,  rc.start,  rc.EEEYYYYAAAAHHHH  and rc.hate_trees.  These files
all suffer from being user configurable.  We get a distribution tape from there
once a month with new user files in them.

The Problem:
How are these user configurable files to be included in our source control system?  
I have thought of simply running some logical linksover from thier source tree to
our source tree.  We are using RCS.  I got a negative reaction on this
from folks here.

As this situation must have occurred outside, could someone please tell me what they did to get this beast under control??



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Where can I find a good (PD) source control/version control program
for UNIX?  We have an application with about 2000 subroutines, supported
on several UNIX platforms and woked on by several people.  We need a better
means of managing this situation.  All suggestions MOST welcome.

Please Email as I don't always have time to read this group.


Brian Wainscott  | "I want to get so close to Him that it's no big change


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