can anyone get me some info about .o format.

can anyone get me some info about .o format.

Post by jsim » Tue, 12 Jul 1994 23:33:02


Does anyone know of some sites that have documentation about the n-kinds of object formats?

If you know where I can find docs about dynamic linking in unix, i really would aprecciate.

thanks a lot, and send a mail!


1. format.dat or "format" info for hp c2490a-300 disk


I want to attach the above mentioned disk to my Sun sparc 10
running  The disk was sorta dumped in my lap.
(No body tells me anything around here.)  Anyway, the little
hardware book that came with it doesn't really tell me what
I need to know as near as I can figure out.  So if one
of you kind souls could supply me with a format.dat for it
or equivalently tell me what I should tell format I would
appreciate it.  Thanks.

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