IBM's "Speed Start Your Linux Apps" initiative

IBM's "Speed Start Your Linux Apps" initiative

Post by d » Wed, 24 Apr 2002 03:34:05

I know this may be off topic, but I though it may interest some of

The latest IBM middleware for Linux (DB2 Universal Database, WebSphere
Application Server, WebSphere Studio Application Developer, and Lotus
Domino) is being provided, at no cost, on a 2 CD set, along with Web
Services technologies, Linux technical articles, Linux Redbooks, and
the very popular Java battle-bots game Robocode. IBM is also providing
a worldwide no-cost 2-day Linux workshop, which includes hands-on labs
for installing and configuring Linux.

IBM middleware for Linux CD set,...


Linux Workshop


1. """"""""My SoundBlast 16 pnp isn't up yet""""""""""""

My machine: P166+mmx, 32mb ram, 4gb HD with Win95 and Win NT 4.0 and
redhat5.1 co-existed in different partitions.

I issued "sndconfig" within a xterm inside X Window, The program
detects the SB 16 pnp card sets it up with no error message, but when
it launch ModProbe to test out, it gets a message states: An error was
encountered running the ModProbe program."  I tried different IRQ
settings, all ends with the same message.

2nd, When I try to mount /dev/cdrom from File Systerm Manager, the
following error is returned:  Can't find /dev/hdb in /etc/mtab or

3nd, When my machine boots, it halts at "Sendmail" for about 3-5 mins
before it goes to next step.  Obviously there isn't any mail system on
the machine right now because it is a standalone.  How can take this
mail thing out and speed up booting?

last one, Is my Zoom 56k PCI FaxModem a Windmodem that Linux can't use
to connect me to my local isp?

Experts help me out please. thanks.

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