Motif programming problem

Motif programming problem

Post by Johan Wessber » Mon, 28 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Can someone tell me how to create/change attributes of a window
in Motif so that
- window is topmost, ie. no other window maps itself over this one
- window cannot be resized

Johan Wessberg


1. Motif Programming Manual and Motif Reference Manual by O'Reilly now free

IST is pleased to announce that Volumes 6A and 6B of the O'Reilly
Associates 'Definitive Guides to the X Window System' series of books
are now available for free, direct download in various formats and
contents from IST's web site.

Volume 6A is the Motif Programming Manual.
Volume 6B is the Motif Reference Manual.

The versions that can be downloaded from IST's web site are later
versions than those made available by O'Reilly themselves. In
particular, Volume 6A from IST is for Motif 2.1, whereas from O'Reilly
it is for Motif 1.2.

Antony Fountain and Jeremy Huxtable of IST have completely overhauled
Volume 6A, Motif Programming Manual, for Motif 2.1. This online
edition is the first publication of the Third Edition, dated December
2001, and is the authoritative 'how-to' work on Motif 2.1. A printed
edition will be available from IST in due course.

Volume 6B, Motif Reference Manual is also available in updated form
online. This is the Second Edition of 6B, dated February 2000, for
Motif 2.1, as revised and updated by Antony Fountain. The online
edition has been augmented with a number of patches and the sections
on UIL have been re-instated since the last paper publication of the
volume. Volume 6B is the standard reference work on Motif 2.1.

The versions available from IST are available as both PDF files and
source files for UNIX FrameMaker 5.5. Those available from O'Reilly
are in troff format, and exactly match the last paper publications.

Information about the books and the links to download them can be
found at:

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