Solaris STREAMS modules and strlog(9F)

Solaris STREAMS modules and strlog(9F)

Post by Alex » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:41:18

Hi, all!
I'm writing a STREAMS module (Solaris 9 SPARC) and got the following
problem: i want to write the contents of ordinary messages into file for
  further analyze.
What is the best way to do it?
I tried to make this with help of strlog(9F), but failed:(
What exactly i did:
1) Run strerr
2) In the source of module (in rput func)

static void
traffcut_rput(queue_t *q, mblk_t *mp)
/*added by  you_know_who   for module logging*/
        size_t dbbuflen;
        int count;
        unsigned char *myptr;
        mblk_t *bp;

switch (mp->b_datap->db_type) {

case M_DATA: /* We need 2 log only ordinary data messages*/


        for (bp = mp; bp != NULL; bp = bp->b_cont) {

        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"%s %d %s","NEW ORDINARY                        MESSAGE:
",count," BLOCKS" );

        for (bp = mp; bp != NULL; bp = bp->b_cont) {

                /*Computation of data block buffer size*/
        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"%s %d %s %d %s","BLOCK ",count,"
:SIZE=", dbbuflen," bytes.");
        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"%s","CONTENTS: ");

                while(myptr++<bp->b_datap->db_lim) {

                        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"0x%x     ",(unsigned int)(*myptr));

        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"%s %d","END OF BLOCK ",count);


        strlog(info.mi_idnum,0,0,SL_NOTE,"%s","END OF MESSAGE");
        putnext(q, mp);

        putnext(q, mp);


3) It compiles with no problem and it works, but i didn't see any files
in /var/adm/streams/  as it should be ( at least man page strlog(9F)
said so)
4) What is the problem?
5)Thank every one who can help.

P.S. I think that it might be problem with /dev/hands:)


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