Solaris: ioctl() causing app lock-up

Solaris: ioctl() causing app lock-up

Post by Bill Bumgarne » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I walked into the middle of a particularly * mess of socket code while
maintaining a client's application.


        Occasionally, the production applications (Apple's WebObjects
middleware apps served via the web) "spin".  That is, their CPU usage goes
to 100% and the app stops responding to all requests.

        Unfortunately, core files are useless in the current environment
[on my todo list, trust me] and gdb is not installed on the production

        "pstack" indicates that the app is typically spinning in ioctl().


- on almost every request, the app opens yet-another-TCP/IP stream or two
or three or four or five to grab more information.  All streams SHOULD be
closed by the time the response is generated.

- some of the read-data-from-the-stream code is really ineffecient.  For
example, some of it looks like:

do {
        read(socket, ... args to read ONE BYTE AT A TIME ...);
while (bufPtr != \n);

i.e. some of the read code actually reads a single byte at a time from the
receive buffer.   I'm not totally sure of the internals of how read()
works, but this strikes me as being asoundingly ineffecient.

- The ioctl() call that caused the most recent spin was:

     if (ioctl(curQCore->socket, I_NREAD, &avail) < 0) return NULL;    


I don't know-- that's why I'm asking the community at large... :-)

To give an idea of the scope of an answer that I could believe, some

- it may be that a patch is required?  Where there any patches released in
the last year that fix problems with the socket stuff on Solaris?

- could it simply be that all the opening/closing of the data streams is
enough to cause the socket substrate to explode under high load

- could an additional stress factor be the presence of the
read-a-byte-at-atime style of grabbing data out of the receive buffer?

thank you,


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