Device Drivers

Device Drivers

Post by Tim » Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Can someone recommend a good reference on writing device drivers for the
Sun Sparc platform. In particular the serial port. I am attempting to
write a driver for a touch screen display that interfaces via the serial
port. Is there any source code available related to this project that I
might learn and build from?


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I am having a problem writing a "meta-driver", ie one that is sandwiched
between the kernel and a real device driver. The platform I am using
consists of a Sun IPC, running SunOS 4.1.1.

My problem is that in attempting to use the OPEN(2V) system call from within
the "xxopen" routine of my metadriver (to open another device-driver (which
then opens the device)); OPEN(2V) "fails".

It appears that calling OPEN(2V) from within the kernel requires a different
calling sequence and argument list. Viz-a-viz: instead of a file descriptor
being returned by OPEN(2V), it seems a pointer is returned (which itself is
a pointer to something else).

Is this true? Is the OPEN(2V) syscall different for a process executing in
user address space, compared to the OPEN call executed by a process running
in kernel mode/address space?

If this is true for OPEN, what about CLOSE, READ, WRITE, etc? Unfortunately,
I don't have (easy) access to any Unix (source) code, to verify this.

Thanks in advance for help/advice.

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