floppies PC->Sparc2

floppies PC->Sparc2

Post by G. S. Marz » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 03:48:11

can I get a SPARC2 to read a PC 3.5" floppy?
thanks - GSM


floppies PC->Sparc2

Post by Erik Horstkot » Sat, 19 Sep 1992 00:42:52

Yep.  Become root and mount /pcfs.  Check it out in the manual.
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floppies PC->Sparc2

Post by Bernhard Schne » Sun, 20 Sep 1992 00:35:00

>Yep.  Become root and mount /pcfs.  Check it out in the manual.

or install the mtols package.  It is faster and does not require
root privileges (as long as us set the floppy /dev entries to 666)


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Greeting, I have Sun Ultra 10 Sparc system. After install sparc 2.7
evalution copy on a new HD, my system is now having problem to boot
from the original HD with 2.6 Sparc Solaris. The error message is as

Can't read disk label
Can't open disk label package

cprbooter cpr boot
Can't read disk Label.
Can't open disk label package

Now I can only boot the HD with Solaris 2.7 OS, the HD with Solaris 2.6
is no longer bootable. Above message is the problem i am having.

My goal is to have two OSs, Sparc2.6 and Sparc2.7, running on my Ultra
Sparc 10 and swapping the HDs when I need to running from one of these

I wonder if anyone has smiliar problem and how I could resolve this

Any help would be greatly appriciated.. Thx

Vincent Shyu

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