EBCDIC/ASCII Conversion With RPC To IBM Mainframe

EBCDIC/ASCII Conversion With RPC To IBM Mainframe

Post by Startup Consulting Compa » Sat, 12 Oct 1991 04:08:36

In building an RPC application between an IBM host and an
ASCII client (e.g., MS-DOS and MS-Windows), am I going to
need to do the EBCDIC/ASCII translation myself?  Are there
any other gotchas specific to using RPC in this environment?

I'm trying to put together a network API that is callable from
ASCII clients to servers based on UNIX, VMS, and IBM mainframes.
I'm wondering whether there is a clean way to do this so
that the client doesn't need to know where the server is and what
kind of OS it is running ahead of time.  


1. How to transmit int's to mainframe (ASCII to EBCDIC sort of)?

Hello:  I'm doing data transfers using LU 6.2 (IBM's SNA peer to peer comm
protocol) between a PS/2 (AIX 1.2.1, Uh, IBM's UNIX) and
an IBM mainframe.  Currently, I know how to transfer character data.  I
convert it from ASCII to EBCDIC on the PS/2 before I send it,
no problem for character only data.

What I want to know is does anyone know how to transfer integers?  What I'd
like to do is transfer a "C" int (4 bytes) or a short int (2 bytes) up to
the mainframe for a COBOL program.  The COBOL program would use something
like S9(7), I think?  Is there some transformation that I can do to the
integer before I transfer it analogous to the ASCII to EBCDIC conversion of
the character data?

The reason I want to do this is that there will be a lot of stuff flying
back and forth, and I don't want the overhead of large numbers converted
to lengthy character strings.

I'm I out to lunch here?  Should I just transfer characters and be done with

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