Account Database Problems ?

Account Database Problems ?

Post by Doug Wetze » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 02:26:28

I've been going round and round for the last week trying to figure out the best
way to integrate account files into my project. Actually the entire program
deals with these... one idea im working on is the following:

Account File:
<Personal Information>
<Personal Information>
</Personal Information>

And there are seperate files for each item. now the trick is, the items somehow
describe to the program what function run dealing with the specified item...
with the data in the entire scope of that item. And the items can have extra
items!! so all data from the extra is... and.. I really dont know...

So anyway each account has items that tell the program what to do with it... and
extras that go with them.... I'm seriously lost, and despiratly need someones
ideas and help..

Please help...

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Hello all,
I am trying to figure out why when I created 4 extra state databases on
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means r - replica does not have device relocation information.

Here it is my senario. I have a V480 server with 2 disks and solaris 9
12/02 installed in the first disk.
I created 2 partitions in each disks slice6 and slice 7.
I create the meta database like this
metadb -a -f -c2 c1t0d0s6 c1t0d0s7
metadb -a -c2 c1t1d0s6 c1t1d0s7
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second disk has the flug "r",all states has the flug "u".

Is this normal?


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