SysV.4 Streams and Modules programming problem: 1

SysV.4 Streams and Modules programming problem: 1

Post by Nick Levert » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 09:22:59

>I need to catch the program's IOCTLs in order to know when it wants me
>to echo keyboard input and when I mustn't. I read up on Streams and
>modules and thought I could do it by creating a pipe like this:

>   myprog <--> pckt <--> ptem <--> ldterm <--> ttycompat <--> oldprog

a pseudo-tty thusly:

:          myprog<-->pckt<-->pseudo-tty master
:        |
:        |
: oldprog<-->ttcompat<-->ldterm<-->ptem<-->pseudo-tty slave

Indeed, I have done so, and all is now absolutely triffic. Thanks again, Guy!

Nick Leverton
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1. SysV.4 Streams and Modules programming problem: 2

To help with the problem I detailed in my previous post, I wanted to
trace inter-module messages. Now, I have typed in (sans printing errors)
and installed the 'dump' module from the STREAMS Programmer's Reference.

But I can't make it work properly. When inbetween two other modules, it
seems to work. But when adjacent to the stream head, any application
write(2) returns zero and no data is written. This means I don't get a
full trace of what's going through the pipe.

Is there something special that a Streams module has to do to accept a
message from a stream head ? All I can think of is that the dump module
has no service routine. However I had to guess somewhat for installing
it, as the manual refers to /etc/master.d as a configuration file. I
have only /etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice, /etc/conf/pack.d/Driver.o and

Again, many thanks for any help.

Nick Leverton
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