core debugging problen

core debugging problen

Post by Satish N » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem in debugging the cores. The scenario is this.

0. There is a process which is running as a deamon and will be started
during the
0. This deamon will fork and exec another executable. Since the new
process is the child of the the deamon, it will also have the properties

of the deamon and hence it will also be a deamon.
0. Now, if the child parent coredumps, the real problem arises. I am not

able to open the core file. Suppose, the path of the executable is
/opt/CCM/bin, then the deamon will fork and call exec with the options
giving the complete path of the executable (ex: /opt/CCM/bin/sc_sms)
with arguements as usual.
0. When I try to open the core file with the de* (xdb) it complains

"unknown symbol  /opt.

If I run the executable alone, then I will get a very good core. I don't

know the reason for this. Please, help me in this regard



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