Reading Process Table

Reading Process Table

Post by rodney.e.conr » Tue, 21 Apr 1992 06:06:02

I need to be able to read the process table for a program I am writing.
I am using an AT&T 6386 running System V R3.2.2 of AT&T UNIX.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

( I am aware of the header file in /usr/include/sys/proc.h, but I don't know
  where to go to read that area of memory, or how I would go about reading it.)

Rodney Conrad

I would appreciate if responses could be mailed directly to me at:

because I do not access the net that often.

Thank You.


1. How to read process table on RS6000?

Hi there.

I'm looking for a pointer on how to read the process table on an RS/6000
running AIX.  On an RT this is relatively easy (at least, it's been done :-),
but I seem to be unable to get meaningful data from /dev/kmem on the RS.  I
*can* read the sysinfo and vminfo structures correctly (using nlist to find
the offset in /dev/kmem), but (a) the process table is just too *big*, and
(b) when I use the same method to read it, I end up with garbage.

Anyone managed to do this successfully (a section of example code would be
helpful)?  Anyone know the recommended method to achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated (either here or by email)



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