Question on Unix-DOS communication/Emulation/Interaction

Question on Unix-DOS communication/Emulation/Interaction

Post by Gil Rivl » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 05:24:54

Here is the situation. I have a PC running DOS and some very specialized
realtime software (that runs telescopes :-). I have a SparcStation.
I would like to be able to use the PC through the Sun.
That is I would like a 'terminal' window on the Sun that will look like
the DOS one and that any key-press on any one of them will be echoed on
the other (like 'talk', say).
Preferably, but not needed, is that it will work via a serial line.
TCP/IP is also okay, but I guess I'll need some hardware added.

Any ideas? Pointers to such existing software/hardware? Commercial or not?

Gil Rivlis, Physics Department, OSU


1. Communications - Unix to Unix vs Unix to DOS

Subject: Communication - Unix to Unix vs Unix to DOS
Distribution: usa
Organization: NCR Corporation - Dayton, OH USA

Forgive me if this is a duplicate posting from June 4, but I never saw my
posting appear.

I'm new to posting news as well as being a novice in the area of
communications, so please have patience with any blunders I may make in either

I am trying to make a decision for a system I am developing as to whether I
should send a data file from my host Unix system to a Unix workstation or to a
DOS workstation.  Since one of the customer's requirements is to have
unattended operations at the receiving site, I would use UUCP for the
Unix-Unix version.  But I don't know what to use on the Unix-DOS version
without having to write my own TSR program.  (Note: the receiver will not be
on Internet or the Win network, so the systems will communicate via dial-up
modems.)  I have several questions for you:

1) I have heard that some software called UUPC (not UUCP, but UUPC) will allow
me to transmit a data file from Unix to DOS using UUCP.  If this is true, will
this software support unattended operations as I can have with Unix-Unix?

2) If UUPC does allow the unattended operations, does anyone know how I can
obtain this software?

3) Can anyone tell me whether there are performance issues and/or data
intetgrity problems with either Unix-Unix or Unix-DOS?  I have been told that
using UUCP for the Unix-Unix transfer and using Procomm Plus Kermit or Zmodem
for the Unix-DOS transfer shows no differnece in performance or data
integrity.  (And what if I use UUPC for Unix-DOS?)

Any other comments will be appreciated, as long as they're relatively polite.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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