System V shm/sem calls under Mach

System V shm/sem calls under Mach

Post by Mike Allar » Sat, 05 Oct 1991 02:56:30

Greetings.  I recently grabbed postgres 3.0 from  I
would like to port this rather interesting RDBMS package to a NeXT.  It is
setup to run under Ultrix, SunOS, and Dynix (I think).  NeXT Mach has none
of the System V shared memory or semaphore calls (at least by their SYSV
names).  Some of the postgres library routines are chock full o' shm/sem
calls, so I don't think rewriting them is an option.  And, I'm afraid I
don't know quite enough about Mach's virtual memory and semaphore

My questions:

1)  How hard would it be to implement such calls under NeXT Mach?
2)  Has anyone already done it?
3)  Does this belong in comp.os.mach?  :-|

Please reply to me via e-mail to any of the following addresses - take your
pick.  I'll summarize if everyone doesn't just think I'm completely off my
nut.  :-)

Thanks in advance.
Mike Allard, Applied Computing Devices, Inc.  ***  Standard Disclaimer is in

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        Okay.  If the main process of my CSC shmgets the id of the global
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the other processes within my CSC, is it safe for me to place those ids within
the local SHM area?  Are these ids the same regardless of which process does
a 'get with a particular key?

        Empirically, I've found this to be true, however I can vaguely recall
reading somewhere (I think it was something on the IBMLink network) to the
effect that this is a Bad Thing.  Anyone know for sure?



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