DLPI and Packet Filtering

1. DLPI interface, libpcap, packet filtering


I am trying to compile Ethereal (http://ethereal.zing.org),
which is a GUI-based packet filtering and analysis tool.
I am using AIX 4.3.2.

Ethereal uses libpcap, with which
I am having some problems.  Can anyone
give me some information on DLPI (Data Link Provider
Interface) and BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) under AIX?
libpcap can use those API's for getting packet information.

BPF looks like it is unsupported.  The documentation for DLPI
is very terse.

Also, I am having some problems getting a list of available network
interfaces under AIX.  Has anyone successfully built and used
libpcap uner AIX?  I would appreciate any pointers.

Craig Rodrigues        

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